différence & répétition



“In every part of every living thing
is stuff that once was rock
In blood the minerals of the rock,”

– Lorine Niedecker +

Roberto Bolaño, “The Snow-Novel,” trans. Laura Healy

Roberto Bolaño, “The Snow-Novel,” trans. Laura Healy

“Endlessness runs in you like leaves on the tree of night.”

– Anne Carson, “TV Men: The Sleeper”

“And when I said here, I meant elsewhere—I meant moving.”

– Idra Novey, “Into the Atacama”

“Kutsiami the benevolent boatman;
when I come to the river shore
please ferry me across
I do not have tied in my cloth the
price of your stewardship.”

Kofi Awoonor, “The Journey Beyond”

“… hototogisu literally means the bird of time, he tasted the word in this sense, nearly twisting it around — the compound signifying the cuckoo bird, the bird of time — to see from which side it would be suitable to give form to his soul’s deepest sorrows; at last he found the way, and the melody began to formulate itself within him — he was just thinking about it, not calling it by any name — and the verse somehow formulated itself like this: just sing, sing to me, so not only you will mourn; I too shall mourn, old old man, abandoned and alone, far from the world, I mourn my home, my life, lost forever.”

– László Krasznahorkai, Seiobo There Below, trans. Ottilie Mulzet

“Desire doubled is love and love doubled is madness.”

– Anne Carson, The Beauty of the Husband 

“so look at me Ida what do
you see inside your mind
/ see a hole right through
the middle of you”

– Anne Carson, Red Doc>